About Collaboration Professionals of Saskatchewan

The Collaborative Professionals of Saskatchewan Inc. is an organization created to support professionals who practice in the Collaborative Process in Saskatchewan. The goal is to develop awareness of and facilitate access to the Collaborative Process to the residents of Saskatchewan.

When the organization was first formed the membership was primarily lawyers. Lawyers mainly practiced the Collaborative Process in teams of two client-lawyer pairs. Through our members’ ongoing professional development and networking, we became aware that at an international level, the Collaborative Process was becoming interdisciplinary in nature. Working in teams was a way in which collaborative lawyers were working with their clients. It became clear that practicing a team model would offer our clients important forms of non-legal support within the process, which in turn could could help manage stress, reduce costs, and help participants reach better resolutions.

The organization’s focus then shifted and our members reached out to other professions. We attracted new professionals from a variety of backgrounds (social work, psychology, finance, accounting, etc.).

Our organization is now proud to be interdisciplinary in nature, ensuring that Saskatchewan residents have a variety of child specialist, separation coaches, financial specialists, and lawyers to draw upon to meet their needs when they are trying to resolve some of the most complex issues in their lives. We have trained professionals located across Saskatchewan, and we feel confident that we offer a better way to deal with disputes, including separation and/or divorce.

To learn more about our organization or how to become a collaborative professional, please contact us.

You can also contact one of our board members, whose profiles are included in our searchable database.